Síla / Out In Force

A crushingly honest statement about the internal conflict and the midlife crisis.


IDFF Jihlava 2021 Czech Joy - best editing

One World - The Best Film in The Czech Competition


IDFF Jihlava 2021, Official Selection

Kino na hranici / Kino na Granicy

OFF CINEMA International Documentary Film Festival

directorMartin Mareček
screenplayMartin Mareček
DOPJiří Málek
editorJana Vlčková
coproduced byHBO Europe
supported byCzech Film Fund
MusicJan Burian ml.
What should the male force look like in the 21st century? Martin Mareček’s film The Force captures five difficult years in the life of a film publicist, feminist and cultural agent Kamil Fila, during which he faces relationship problems, depression and a rather extreme experiment on his own body. The result is not only an incredibly honest testimony on an internal conflict and the middle age crisis, but also a wider reflection of the transformation and forms of masculinity in the new millennium.